Frequently asked questions

Why Digital Printing?

Digital prints have several advantages: - you will not pay any shipping costs - have a lower cost - are available in different formats - you can print them wherever you want and on different types of material, so you will have a unique print - it is a green choice

Are Payments Safe?

Sure. We rely on the best international payment systems. All payments through this site are reliable and safe.

Are Digital Files Refundable?

No, digital files cannot be refunded. Once the payment is made, you can download the files independently and they will be available on your device. I advise you to carefully review the available sizes and reference images before purchasing to avoid a wrong purchase.

Why Is Buying a Digital Print Green?

It is a green choice because being a digital file and not a physical one, so it does not require packaging and a lot of transport, safeguarding the environment in our small way!

Where Can I Print My Digital Prints?

You can choose your trusted supplier near your home, or turn to the numerous online printing sites. You can choose the weight and type of paper or other materials, the dimensions (among those available) and the quantity and immediately know the cost of the service.

Are The Prints Limited Edition?

Digital files, although they may be "customizable" and therefore from certain points of view different from each other I cannot have total control over the number of copies printed after purchase. The prints already printed that I will propose instead will have a limited edition between 10 and 30 total copies each. I recommend that you read the product information to make sure the product is exclusive. These prints are the ideal choice if you want to decorate your walls with an exclusive and not mass product.

Can I Buy Digital Files and Resell Them?

No. The copyright of the graphics remains of my property. You will be able to print as many copies as you deem appropriate to decorate your home, the home of third parties or businesses. However, you will not be able to resell the prints or use them for both digital and print advertising campaigns. If you are interested in reselling my products you can contact me and together we will find the ideal solution. Any violation may be punishable by law.

I am an Interior Designer / Home Stager / Architect. Can I Decorate My Clients' Rooms With Your Prints?

Yes! It will be a pleasure to be part of your work! You can buy digital prints or limited editions and decorate any environment. If you have the pleasure, it would be nice to share with me the photos of the result of your beautiful work, so that I can share "our" work on my social channels too!

Can I Use Your Graphic / Illustration For an Advertising Campaign?

No. The image rights remain of my property. The illustration or graphics on sale in the shop is intended and disclosed for a purpose other than advertising and would therefore not be of good image for an advertising campaign. However, if you like my style and you need an ad hoc graphic designed for an ADV contact me for an illustration on demand designed exclusively for you!

Are the prints refundable?

The digital prints (Printable prints) cannot be refunded. Once the payment has been made, you can download them directly from the site and via a link that you will receive via email. However, should you encounter a print quality problem or need assistance. Contact me. Limited edition prints are non-refundable, unless you receive it damaged. In this case, if you notice when the courier is still with you, take a photo and leave it with the courier, expressly indicating that the packaging and its interior are damaged. Send me the photo, I will send you a new product. If you notice it after the courier has gone. Take a picture of the damage, send it to me, I will arrange for a new shipment of the product.

How does shipping work?

I am constantly looking for shipments with an excellent quality / price ratio. However, in some situations, shipping is really expensive. So I decided to use international couriers for fast and tracked shipments in Italy and Europe (almost all countries) at a competitive price (from 6.99 euros to 19 euros). At the moment it is possible to ship orders to Europe. Soon it will be possible to ship to the rest of the World. If you are urgent and you want a print from me but you don't live in Europe, contact me and we will try to find a solution together. However, you can still purchase my digital files, which do not need shipping.

Are shipments free?

Shipments can be free only for expenses over 80 euros for Italy and 120 euros for great part of Europe . In all other cases, shipments will still be paid, due to the high costs. However, I have thought of a savings formula. The more you spend, the less you pay for shipping. In fact, above 120, 150 and 190 euros you will pay increasingly cheaper shipments. You can check the shipping costs at checkout, in some cases choosing the right shipment for you (also read the previous question about shipping). ps: the total order calculated to save on shipping also includes the purchase of digital prints. ps: digital prints have no shipping costs, since you can download them independently from the site or via email and then print them.

Where is possible to ship ?

At the moment it is possible to ship to: Italy
Norway For Extra-EU countries it is necessary during the purchase phase, to indicate your VAT number or ID number, in order to be able to correctly fill in the customs form. I remind you, that if you live outside Europe you can buy my digital files, or contact me to arrange an international shipment.